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Tombow Watercolor with Little Creatives

One of my favorite things to do with Goose is joint art projects. She loves getting to “work like mommy”, and I love that she gets to experience my form of self-care.  Teach ’em young right? This week, Goose and I made a “Let them be little” sign for her playroom using Tombow Dualbrush pens. This project is a great way to combine joint art with solo mama time. It’s definitely something that could be done by yourself also (maybe as a gift?), but we just happened to do it together! To get started, you’ll need: 

  • Tombow Dualbrush pen safe watercolor paper (I used Canson Mixed Media paper.)
  • Tombow Dualbrush pens
  • Pental Aquash Waterbrush (large and small)
  • Small cup of water
  • Tombow 2B Mono Pencil
  • Tombow Mono Eraser
  • Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White Ink
  • Tombow Mono Twin Tip Marker

You can of course use whatever supplies you have around, but these are my favorite supplies to use for this project. You could even use good ole crayola markers if that’s all you have!

Grace Anne Studio

Scribble it

I let Goose pick the first color, and of course she chose pink!  From there I added another pink, some blues, and a yellow. You can make whatever colors you chose work, but I like to use close to primary colors for this project because when you add water, the colors will blend and make new colors.  To get started just fill your paper with scribbles of color. 

If you have an older child, this is a great task for them! Goose is 3, so we’re still in the “no touching mommy’s special pens” stage… Try to keep in mind that where you’re placing the colors on the page determines how they’ll blend.  So try to keep it so when your little creative adds water, they’ll make great blends!

Grace Anne Studio

Water it

Next, add water!  Give your kiddo a paintbrush and cup of water or a large waterbrush and let them blend as much as they want, however they want! You’ve set it up as best you can to make pretty blends and avoid the dreaded “all the colors brown”, but it’s their time to play and be creative.

Trust me, when I have all horizontal scribbles and Goose immediately made vertical strokes, I had to hold back from redirecting her.  Be strong, mama! It’ll turn out great.

Grace Anne Studio

This is a great opportunity to talk about color theory too. What colors blended together?  Did they make a new color?  What happens when you add water to different colors? Or all three? 

At this point Goose declared she was all done and it was my turn.  At 3, I think that’s a pretty great start to blending! Here’s your chance to even out the page and finish blending any areas that may have been missed. 

Once you’re done with the watercolor, let it dry.  This is a good point to clean up the project and come back to it later either by yourself or with your older kids. Once dry, you may need to press it under a book for a while to flatten the page back out.

Letter it

Now, add lettering! Take a pencil and add the lettering “Let them be little” to the page however you want! The trick for getting these letters to fit together like I did, is to start with “little”, then add “let them be” above it. 

Once you have the design penciled in, take the small waterbrush and Dr. Ph Martin’s Bleed Proof White and trace the lettering.  Then let it dry. 

Erase any stray pencil marks, and add a shadow with your Tombow Mono twin tip marker. 

Hang it

Then just add a date to the back and hang it proudly with your little creatives! Goose loves seeing her artwork around the house, and I’m sure your kids do too!  I’d love to see your creations, so be sure to tag me on Instagram @graceannestudio if you post it!

Until next time, keep it creative mama!


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  1. That looks so amazing! I love the idea of working with the Littles! They are always full of super creative ideas and so ready to work especially with mom! XOXO

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