Hey there, friend! Thank you so much for stopping by. My name is Grace Myhre, and I’m the face behind the scenes around here. Here you’ll find my latest creative wins and some fails too. (And tips for how to avoid the fails, because let’s be honest, most of the time being creative with kids is more about the learning process than the end result!)

I’ve always been a lover of hand lettering and calligraphy, all the way back to playing with calligraphy sets in grade school and painting run-through signs for cheerleading in high school. I went to college at Texas A&M University for Environmental Design (aka architecture), and was dismayed to learn they don’t teach architectural lettering anymore! (My disappointment should have been a red flag for me…) But I did get to take a printmaking class during my semester abroad in Italy, and my love for prints and lettering came together.

After college I went to work as a software trainer and ended up moving into instructional design. (Again with the gravitating to letters and design!)

Fast forward some years, and I now live in the DFW area and am married to the most wonderful man, Lucas. As a day job, I am blessed to be a stay at home mom to the funniest, most adorable (and crazy clingy at times) kiddos. We have a daughter and a son, lovingly nicknamed Goose and Bear.  During my first year at home with Goose, the hubs encouraged me to find something for me. Enter hand lettering. I picked up my first brush pen in June of 2016, and haven’t looked back since.

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Xoxo, Grace